Passage: Mark 10:1~12  

Key verse: 9

1. Is divorce lawful? (1-5)

The men who raised this question had adultery in their hearts; but their immediate motive was to make Jesus deny the authority of the Bible. They pointed out that Moses' law permits divorce. Jesus reminded them that Moses' law actually discouraged divorce. Through Moses' law, God was training slaves to be a holy nation and a kingdom of priests. Many of the regulations spoke to a particular time and situation, and in Jesus' time were obsolete (Lev 11).

2. What God has joined together (6-12)

Jesus went back to Genesis 2 to find God's original purpose in creating marriage. According to Jesus, marriage is not just a contract between two people who decide to live together for their mutual benefit. It is a union created by God. So it is a three-party contract-man, woman and God. To divorce and remarry is a sin against God. One who does this must repent. The disciples were surprised by the Bible's and Jesus' view of marriage, so they asked him about it again.

Prayer: Lord, your word is truth. Teach me how to live by it. Help me to be faithful.

One Word: God has joined them together