Passage: Ephesians 4:1~16  

Keyverse: 4:1

First, a life worthy of the calling you received (1-13). Paul carried out his calling even to prison. He urges them based on this example to also live a life worthy of the calling. We do so, growing in the image of Christ. He was completely humble and gentle, so we should be patient bearing with one another in love. Rather than dividing, we make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit, for we all share the one Lord, one faith and one baptism. Christ has given diverse gifts to each of us, not to divide, but to equip his people for works of service to build up the body, so we may grow mature. This is a life worthy of the call. Second, speaking the truth in love (14-16). There are people of deceitful scheming who want to draw people away from the one faith. Their teaching tosses spiritual infants around, blowing them here and there. This is why speaking the truth of God in love, we help each other grow up into maturity in Christ. As each does its work, using our gifts, the whole body grows and is built up in love.
Prayer: Lord, you called me to be a part of the body of Christ. Help me to live a life worthy of this calling.

One Word: called to grow to maturity in Christ