Passage: Luke 9:28~43a  

Key verse: 29

1. Glory on the mountain (28-36)

Eight days after our Lord predicted his death and resurrection, Jesus took his disciples up onto a mountain where his glory was revealed to them. His face and clothes radiated with glory like lightning. Elijah and Moses appeared and they were surrounded by a cloud of Shekinah glory. The voice of God declared, "This is my Son who I have chosen; listen to him." The glory of Christ motivates us to listen. We are to listen to him as he speaks about his death and resurrection. We are to listen to His promises of eternal life and to live in eager expectation of his second coming in power and glory. The revealed glory of Christ gives strength, power, and hope to those who follow him.

2. Glory down below (37-43a)

As Jesus and his disciples descended the mountain, they were immediately faced with the problems of the world. The desperation of the father with the demon possessed son is a symbol of the desperation of the whole world. Jesus referred to them as an "unbelieving and perverse" generation. But the glory of Christ shines in the darkness. Jesus healed the boy and gave him back to the father. His glory and majesty shines in the lives of all who come to Him. He alone has the power to save.

Prayer: Father, open our eyes to see the glory of Christ.

One Word: The glory of Christ gives us hope