Passage: Luke 9:43b~56  

Key verse: 44

As people marveled at Jesus’ healing work, Jesus spoke of his passion again. Jesus wanted his disciples to know the meaning of his betrayal, suffering, death, and resurrection. Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Jesus’ suffering reveals the noxious nature of sin and the dreadful wrath of God’s judgment. He suffered and died to take our sins upon himself, to drink God’s wrath for us, and to give us eternal life. But the disciples did not understand Jesus’ suffering; they were afraid of it.

Jesus’ disciples should have learned of Jesus’ humility and serving. But they all wanted to dominate. Jesus helped them to be humble enough to welcome children. Welcoming humble people in Jesus' name equals welcoming Jesus. Jesus also helped John not to stop one who was working for the kingdom of God, but to be thankful. One who fights Satan is on Jesus’ side.

When the Samaritans didn’t welcome Jesus who headed to Jerusalem to die on the cross, James and John in fury wanted to punish them. Jesus rebuked them. A desire of taking revenge on those with whom we cannot resolve our differences should be changed with Jesus’ humble and tolerant heart.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your suffering for us. Help me learn of Jesus’ heart and attitude.

One Word: Jesus’ passion for me