Passage: Luke 6:27~36  

Key verse: 36

Is your image of God angry and vengeful to the wicked? There is a sweet feeling of justice when bad things happen to those who do evil, especially when they do evil to us or our loved ones. But Jesus says that that is not how God works. God is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. God’s mercy is offensive to our sensibilities. However, this image of God needs to sink into our hearts deeply.

God is merciful, even to the wicked.

Loving our enemies does not mean enabling their wicked behavior, but in love, we shine light on the wickedness and extend mercy. Mercy comes from our father God and works to transform even the worst sinner into a person who experiences the love and mercy of God on their lives. God's superpower over all evil is love and mercy, and he empowers us to live by his example.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your mercy to me. Help me to love, even my enemies, and be merciful as you are merciful.

One Word: Mercy