Passage: Luke 2:21~40  

Key verse: 2

Jesus grew up as the son of observant Jewish parents Joseph and Mary. They circumcised Jesus on the eighth day and named him Jesus—which means, “the LORD saves”—as the angel had instructed. They consecrated Jesus to God as their firstborn son. They also took him to Jerusalem to offer the sacrifice of the poor for their sins (Lev 12:8). Jesus grew up in a God-fearing home with parents who obeyed God’s commands. Parents: How are you guiding and influencing your children?

In Jerusalem, the book of Luke introduces two Spirit-led people: Simeon and Anna, who prophesied about Jesus. Simeon knew Mary’s baby was the Messiah who would bring salvation, light, and glory to the world. Jesus would reveal thoughts and cause many in Israel to fall (to be judged) or to rise (to be saved) with him. Also, Mary would suffer great pain. The elderly prophetess Anna said Jesus would bring redemption to Jerusalem.

After learning of Jesus’ identity and mission from God, Mary and Joseph returned to Nazareth. There, Jesus grew up strong and wise and in God’s grace.

Prayer: Lord God, thank you for sending salvation, light, and glory into this broken world through Jesus Christ our Lord. Bless us not to fall because of our sins but to be raised with Jesus by your grace.

One Word: Jesus is salvation, light, and glory to us