Passage: Numbers 35:1~34  

Key verse: 2

God provided 48 towns for the Levites throughout the land of Canaan. God intended to scatter the Levites evenly in the whole nation to live among the people and influence them for God. Jesus wants His people to be sprinkled throughout the whole world and live as the salt and light (Mt 5:13-14) and Christ’s ambassadors in the world (2Co 5:20).

God designated six of the Levite towns as cities of refuge. Anyone who accidentally killed another person could run to one of these cities and wait safely for the trial. The cities of refuge were located within the land that a person could reach quickly and be safe. God desired to protect the innocent from the avengers, but to punish murderers. God values human life for he made us in his image. Distribution of the Levites throughout the land, cities of refuge, and punishment of the murderer reveal God’s intention. He did not want the land of God’s people to be defiled by bloodshed. Rather he wanted it to be a blessed land that would reflect God’s love, goodness, and purity. God wants to see his people love one another and live for God’s glory, instead of hating and hurting one another. God ultimately designated Jesus as our refuge and strength.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for sending Jesus who provides shelter for the sinner from judgment. Grow us as the salt and light of the world.

One Word: A kingdom of priests and a holy nation.