Passage: Psalm 108:1~13  

Key verse: 2

The Psalmist here makes a decision to praise God with music early in the morning, keeping his heart steadfast in difficult times. He wants to praise God loudly enough so that the earth itself awakens (1-2). He praises God for his great love and faithfulness, wanting to make that faithfulness known in all the world (3,5). Praise is the most meaningful activity because it is God’s creation echoing his own glory back to him. Praise can also wake us up from our spiritual slumber and set our heart right.

Then, the psalmist gives his request for salvation, for deliverance from powerful enemies (6). He recalls God’s promises to Israel, that the tribes (he mentions Manasseh, Ephraim, and Judah) belong to God and for that reason God will give them victory over their enemies (Moab, Edom, the Philistines) (7-9). Only at the end of the Psalm do we see the Psalmist’s actual situation. Israel has suffered humiliating defeats, leading some to say that God has taken away his presence from Israel’s armies (10-11). But he renews his plea for help with confident faith, acknowledging that human help is useless (12-13).

Prayer: Father, I am deciding to give you praise first of all, regardless of my circumstances. May my heart make music that glorifies you.

One Word: Awake, my heart, to praise God