Passage: Psalm 65:1~13  

Key verse: 4

When we have a heart to praise God, there are so many great things that we can meditate on. Most of all, he forgave our sins when we were overwhelmed by them. He chose us in Jesus and brought us near him to live forever with him. He answers our prayers. We are already filled with good gifts from the Holy Spirit. Experiencing this, we can realize that God is the hope of all the earth (5).

We can also admire God’s greatness in the wonders of the natural world: the mountains and seas, the sunrise and sunset. Sometimes we are distressed by the turmoil among nations caused by sinful human beings (7). But this is all in God’s hands just like the waves of the sea are. God’s abundant goodness is also shown in how he makes the earth bear fruit (9-13). Seeing God’s majestic creation can bring us out of our self-centeredness and help us praise him with a fresh spirit.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the riches of your abundance to me in Jesus, and in the whole world you created. I will remember to praise you today.

One Word: Praise God for his fullness!