Passage: Matthew 18:1~14  

Keyverse: 5

Little children are helpless and powerless. They cannot vote, hold office, or demand justice for wrongs done to them. Little children-like people may also be the sick, marginalized, lost, poor, imprisoned, and condemned. They are the ones who are told to keep their place in the world or get themselves out of their own trouble. Unless someone understands little children-like people, cares for them, and fights for them, their lives under oppression will come to ruin, marred by wounds and neglect.

As followers of Christ, we are called to engage with the needy as if they are Christ himself. Far too often, we choose to be comfortable in our distance from them rather than to be loving in our compassion for them. Until greatness reflects our love for those who need our help, we will live in poverty of soul, always reaching for Christ but never finding him.

Prayer: Lord, there are many people who are in need. Forgive me for being concerned with my own well-being and righteousness. May I welcome you in my heart today by welcoming your little children.

One Word: Be like little children.