Passage: Psalm 18:31~50  

Keyverse: 46

1. It is God who arms me with strength (31-45)

When David took refuge in God, he had personal experiences with God. He armed David with strength and made his feet like the feet of deer. God's saving right hand sustained him and made him great. He enabled David to overtake his enemies and destroy them. He made him the head of nations. God's people who take refuge in Christ have personal experiences with him. They are rescued from Satan and elevated to a royal priesthood and a holy nation. It is God who has done all these things for us.

2. Therefore I will praise you, LORD (46-50)

Remembering God's deliverance from his enemies, David pledges praise to the name of God. He praises the living God who not only saves him but shows his unfailing love to those whom God saves. God's love extends to David's offspring, his descendants. We praise our living God whose unfailing love to his people endures forever.

Prayer: Lord, help me to see your salvation work in my life and praise the living God who takes care of his people with his unfailing love forever.

One Word: God lives