Passage: Psalm 18:1~30  

Keyverse: 1

1. He rescued me from my powerful enemy (1-19)

David confesses his love toward God looking back on what God had done for him. He lists honoring names for God nine times each with the pronoun 'my' in verses 1-2. It reveals David's personal relationship with God and his God-given inner peace and security. David had many enemies. But when he called on God for help, God rescued him with his mighty acts. So he praises God and loves him wholeheartedly. One who loves God and calls him 'my strength, my God' will experience God's help and have his peace and safety.

2. His way is perfect (20-30)

David lived in God's sight, keeping his heart pure by faith. He then sees the principle of God's dealing with people that God is with the faithful, the blameless, the pure, and the humble. He also realizes that God keeps David's lamp burning, though his enemies tried to extinguish it. So David confesses that God's way is perfect, though not easy, and his word is flawless. His confession stems from his personal experience. At times, there may be things that seem as if God is to blame. But in time, we can see that God has done all things in the most perfect way.

Prayer: Lord, help us recognize what you have done for us and offer our love confession to you.

One Word: I love you, Lord