Passage: Exodus 8:16~32  

Keyverse: 22

1. The finger of God (16-19)

The LORD, through Moses and Aaron, brought the third plague: gnats, made from abundant dust in the arid lands of Egypt, swarmed over everything. The magicians' power by their gods was broken; they could only exclaim, 'This is the finger of God!' It meant that God is real, living and active. Even his finger is powerful enough to subdue demons (Lk 11:20). But Pharaoh's heart remained hard.

2. 'You will know that I am in this land' (20-32)

The LORD confronts Pharaoh again through Moses: Let my people go! This time God sent flies, which were even worse than gnats. But to prove to Pharaoh the LORD is living and ruling over all peoples and lands, including Egypt, no flies appeared in Goshen, where the LORD's people lived in slavery. Pharaoh again appears to yield, asking for prayer, but only deceitfully. He does not change. Moses however is growing in confidence as the LORD's representative to challenge Pharaoh again and again, knowing this would be a long war.

Prayer: Father, your power and authority is great, even over all demonic powers. Yet you hold us in your hand. Help me trust you even in this dark land.

One Word: God is in this land