Passage: Psalm 50:1~23  

Keyverse: 14-15

1. God summons to judge his people (1-6)

How glorious is our God, who creates and sustains the heavens and the earth, perfect in beauty! How amazing that God would come down to speak with people, that he consecrated them and bound himself to them in covenant! He is not silent; he engages his people as the righteous judge, exposing the inner condition of their hearts.

2. I will deliver you, and you will honor me (7-23)

In Asaph's day, David established central worship in Jerusalem: Levites organized worship, and priests carried out systematic sacrifices. God recognized their faithfulness to these. But God does not need sacrifices; everything on earth is his! He wants an intimate relationship with his people as the one to whom we give thanks, fulfill vows, and cry out in our troubles. God will surely deliver his people, and, in this way, will be honored as Most High. While the wicked hate God's word and do as they please, we obey his word. Let us give thanks, keep our commitment, and cry out to him.

Prayer: Father, thank you that through Jesus you enable us to offer thanks to you. Help me be specific while thanking you, keeping vows, and crying out to you today, that you may be honored.

One Word: Thank God from our heart (not lips)