Passage: Ephesians 3:1~13  

Keyverse: 6

1. The mystery given by revelation (1-6)

Paul was a prisoner. But he didn't write as one who was locked up. He was joyful in Christ. To Paul, the Risen Jesus had revealed a mystery-a mystery never understood by the Jews. But this was the basis of Paul's gospel ministry. The believing Gentiles were to be heirs of God right along with the Jews. Together, they would form one body-the church of Jesus Christ.

2. The boundless riches of Christ (7-13)

Given Paul's past, being a servant of the gospel was the last thing anyone would expect. But that was God's abundant grace to him. Paul knew he was unworthy, but he received the grace of being a minister of the gospel to the Gentiles. The gospel went to Jews and Gentiles alike, bringing them into one church, that the gospel might be preached to the ends of the earth. Through faith, we may all approach the throne of grace. Paul hoped his suffering would reveal God's glory to others.

Prayer: Thank you for revealing the wonderful mystery of your salvation. Help us to abide in your grace.

One Word: The mystery is made plain in Christ