Passage: 1_Timothy 2:8~15  

Keyverse: 10

1. I want men to pray (8)

In light of the gospel, Paul wanted men everywhere to repent and to pray. Instead of using their mouths to argue or their hands for fighting, Paul wanted men to lift up holy hands. He wanted praying men who overcome the temptations to angry disputes and come to God in prayer.

2. To worship God (9-15)

Paul wanted women to do all things for the worship of God. This meant dressing to please God and not to please themselves or attract men. Spiritual beauty is doing good deeds and worshiping God. Paul encouraged women to be quiet learners who respect spiritual order. Women in God's kingdom are holy reflections of the glory of God who forgives sin. God uses them as part of his salvation work and for giving life through childbearing.

Prayer: Lord, please raise men and women of God who can pray, worship, and bring glory to God.

One Word: Be men and women of God