Passage: Luke 24:13~35  

Keyverse: 26

1. The lost dream (13-24)

Two of the disciples fled to Emmaus. But the risen Jesus walked along with them. Jesus asked, 'What are you discussing?' They shared their broken dream for Jesus to redeem Israel. They even talked about the women who said Jesus was alive. They look like many Christians who know many things about Jesus but whose real hope is personal well-being and success through Jesus. The risen Jesus walks along to help such people with broken dreams. He can renew their hope with a greater vision of God through deep Bible studies.

2. A bigger dream in Jesus (25-35)

Then Jesus strongly rebuked them for their unbelief. How foolish they were! Jesus kindly began to teach them Moses and all the prophets. He showed the focal point of the scriptures is Jesus the Messiah who must suffer, be raised, and enter his glory. Soon, their hearts were burning. Their eyes opened to recognize the Jesus. They returned to Jerusalem to witness to the risen Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for walking along with me, teaching the scriptures until I could meet the risen Jesus in my hopeless and despairing life. Make me a witness of Jesus for the salvation of the world.

One Word: The scriptures are about Jesus' death and resurrection