Passage: Luke 9:43b~56  

Key verse: 48b

1. The least is the greatest (43b-48)

Jesus' popularity might have been at its peak but he was not swept up in the moment. He told the disciples that he would be delivered into the hands of men. The disciples did not understand. However, rather than seek clarity, they began to argue about who would be the greatest. Jesus had a little child stand beside him and explained that welcoming a little child in his name was like welcoming Jesus. Jesus did not care about human praise and honor. He came to serve and those who serve the least in his name would be the greatest.

2. When our pride gets in the way (49-56)

John tried to stop someone from driving out demons in Jesus' name. His pride must have been bruised, especially after the disciples had failed to drive out demons earlier. (9:39-40) Jesus told him that whoever was not against him was for him. Later Jesus wanted to enter a Samaritan village but was not welcomed. James and John were offended and asked about calling down fire from heaven. Jesus rebuked them for reacting in pride.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for welcoming me. Help me not to live by my pride but to serve others in your name.

One Word: Welcome a little one in Jesus' name