Passage: Luke 9:28~43a  

Key verse: 35

1. They saw Jesus' glory (28-36)

Jesus took Peter, John and James onto a mountain to pray. While Jesus was praying, his face changed and his clothes gleamed like lightning. Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus. They spoke of his impending departure. The disciples had never seen Jesus in his glory. Peter did not know what to say and blurted out that he would build three shelters. But God the Father spoke from heaven and told the disciples to listen to his Son, Jesus.

2. An unbelieving generation (37-43a)

They came down the mountain the next day to find a large commotion. A man had come with his demon-possessed son and asked the other disciples to drive it out. They were unable. The man begged Jesus to do something. The demon-possessed boy and the powerlessness of the disciples symbolized the unbelief and spiritual perversion of that generation. Jesus expressed his burden. The demon threw the boy into a convulsion but Jesus rebuked the spirit and healed him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for revealing your glory through your death and resurrection. Help me to listen to you and respond to you with faith.

One Word: Listen to and believe in Jesus