Passage: Luke 2:8~20  

Key verse: 14

1. Good news that will cause great joy (8-14)

The Messiah, the Son of the Most High God was born. But he was not welcomed or even noticed by the world. So an angel of God appeared in glory and announced it to shepherds. Shepherds were not famous or respected, but they were awake, watching their flocks. Jesus' birth is good news of great joy for the whole world. Actually, his birth is the best news ever. Why? Because he came to save us and reign forever. A host of angels appeared, praising God, announcing glory to God in heaven and peace to people on earth. For this purpose, Jesus was born and lived and died.

2. The shepherds spread the word (15-20)

The shepherds hurried to see the baby in the manger, whom the angel had told them about. They shared the angel's message and amazed all who heard it. Mary treasured and pondered these things in her heart.

Prayer: Praise God for Jesus' coming into the world to bring glory to God and joy, salvation and peace to people. May our lives bring glory and praise to Christ our Savior.

One Word: Glory to God, peace and salvation to us