Passage: James 4:1~10  

Key verse: 10

1. Spiritual adultery (1-5)

Fights and quarrels among us are caused by the conflicting desires in our hearts. Unrestrained evil desire can lead to murder. Covetousness leads to fights. We do not have because we do not ask God. When we ask, we ask for things to spend on our own selfish pleasure. These desires point to friendship with the world which is spiritual adultery. But God is jealous for us and desires all our affections and attention.

2. Come near to God (6-10)

God is gracious despite our uncommitted hearts towards him. He calls us to humble ourselves, repent and submit to him. God promises to come near to us when we come near to him. He washes our sins away and forgives us by Jesus' blood. When we humble ourselves, he lifts us up and shows us his one-sided grace.

Prayer: Lord, I humbly come to you in repentance. Change my heart and help me to be fully devoted to you.

One Word: Come to the Lord in humble repentance