Passage: Luke 24:36~53  

Keyverse: 47

1. Look at my hands and feet (36-43)

The Risen Christ appeared to his disciples as they were wondering about all the reports about him. Fear controlled them, and they mistook the Risen Jesus for a ghost. To help them, Jesus asked them why they were so afraid and doubtful. Then he showed them the evidence of his nail-pierced hands and feet. No one else died on a cross for them. He let them touch him and see he was alive. Then he ate some fish. Jesus understands our fears and meets us where we are and helps us to believe.

2. You are witnesses of these things (44-53)

Next, Jesus helped them to remember his promises and the Scripture. Then, their minds were opened, and Jesus helped the disciples to understand the meaning of his death and resurrection. It was God's will to impart the forgiveness of sins to all people of all nations who turn to him in repentance. Now, the disciples must be his witnesses, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Lastly, Jesus ascended into heaven, giving the disciples living hope to meet Him again in his kingdom. Real joy filled their hearts, and they could praise God in his temple.

Prayer: Lord, open my mind to understand your gospel plan and empower me to be your witness.

One Word: Preach the forgiveness of sins to all nations