Passage: Luke 24:13~35  

Keyverse: 26

1. How slow you are to believe! (13-27)

As soon as they could, two disciples ran away to Emmaus. The Risen Christ appeared to them on the road, listened to their struggles gently and then rebuked them strongly for their unbelief. From the Moses to the prophets, he explained how Scripture had been fulfilled regarding him. When we are deep distress, we need to study the Bible more deeply. Praise Jesus who was a Shepherd, Friend and Bible teacher to his disciples in their time of need.

2. Were not our hearts burning within us?


As they reached Emmaus, Jesus acted as if he were going farther. But the two disciples did not want the Bible study to stop. They strongly urged Jesus to stay with them and he did. Jesus goes wherever he is invited in. When Jesus broke the bread and said thanks, they were reminded of their Lord and their eyes were opened to see the Risen Christ. They exclaimed how their hearts were burning while he expounded the Scriptures. They gladly returned to Jerusalem as resurrection witnesses. When we are afraid and in trouble, it is the time to study the Bible deeply until our hearts are burning and we meet Christ personally and restore our calling as his witnesses.

Prayer: Lord, forgive my unbelief. Help me to meet you through your words when I am afraid and in trouble.

One Word: Meet the Risen Christ through Bible study