Passage: Luke 22:1~23  

Keyverse: 20b

1. Judas agrees to betray Jesus (1-6)

Peter writes that Satan prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Judas' love for money opened the door for Satan's attack and Satan completely devoured him. When Judas went to the chief priests to discuss how he might betray Jesus, they were eager to offer him money. Judas consented and in doing so, he willingly betrayed the Savior's love. May it never be so with us! God forbid we ever value anything over our relationship with Jesus! We must treasure Jesus above all things.

2. Do this to remember me (7-23)

Jesus forever changed the celebration of Passover. The Jews celebrated Passover to remember how God delivered them from bondage in Egypt. But now, Christians celebrate Communion, which points to our salvation in Christ from the power of sin and death. One day, we will be guests at a great feast in heaven in the presence of the Lord. Until then, we eat the bread of communion to remember how the Lord gave his body for us and we drink the wine of communion to remember how his blood was poured out for us. His blood is the basis of the New Covenant and the means of our salvation. By celebrating the Lord's Supper through communion, we share the same intimate fellowship with him that the disciples enjoyed that evening.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for the new covenant.

One Word: Christ's blood was poured out for us