Passage: 1Timothy 2:1~7  

Keyverse: 3-4

1. Pray for all people (1-4)

Pray for all people, even the king, so the church will live peaceful and quiet lives, in all godliness and holiness. This will give a great contrast with the secular world. Through this contrast, God is pleased, and it will be a means to draw people to God. God wants all people to be saved through hearing the gospel message, and come to live it out in the church through a knowledge of the truth practically.

2. Christ the only Mediator (5-7)

The means God has given for all to be saved was by sending his Son Jesus as the only mediator between God and mankind. He is the perfect mediator, who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This plan of God is revealed through the gospel, to which Paul was appointed as a herald and apostle. The commands Paul gives are to be understood from this identity and motive as a gospel worker.

Prayer: Father, thank you for Jesus, the mediator. Help me pray and be a witness of the gospel.

One Word: Please God our Savior