Passage: Luke 9:10~17  

Key verse: 17

1. "You give them something to eat" (10-13)

After proclaiming the kingdom of God and healing sick people, the disciples came back to Jesus and reported to him what had happened. Jesus took them to Bethsaida to be alone with them, but they were followed by a large crowd. Jesus spoke to them about the kingdom of God and at the end of the day the disciples requested to Jesus that he send them home so they could get something to eat. Jesus said to them, "You give them something to eat." Jesus wanted to teach them a shepherd's heart for the people. But instead, they complained about their lack of provisions.

2. They all ate and were satisfied (14-17)

Jesus had the disciples participate in feeding this crowd of 5000 people. He told them to have everyone sit down. After giving thanks for the small provision they had, Jesus had his disciples distribute them to the people. Miraculously, there was more than enough to satisfy everyone's hunger! When we have a shepherd's heart for others, and Jesus in our hearts, we can overcome any problem and bless others abundantly.

Prayer: Lord, help me to have faith in Jesus and feed others with my five loaves and two fish.

One Word: Give my five loaves and two fish