Passage: Numbers 35:1~34  

Key verse: 6

1. God promoted and preserved worship (1-8)

The Levites were not granted an inheritance of their own. They served the Lord and God took care of the Levites, providing cities where they could live and serve. He provided a glorious mission, to be administrators of the cities of refuge, serving as impartial judges. Every society needs to protect, nurture and promote true worship among the people and make a place for servants of God.

2. The mercy and justice of God (9-34)

Six of the towns, occupied by the Levites, were to serve as cities of refuge. If a person accidently killed someone, they could flee to one of these cities and be protected as the Levities investigated what happened. In an age where there was little justice and mercy, God permeated his society with justice and mercy. Cities of refuge and the Levites went together. Worship must involve justice and mercy.

Prayer: Lord, you care about the spiritual lives of your people. Help us to share in your heart.

One Word: Worship, mercy and justice go together