Passage: Numbers 34:1~35:34  

Key verse: 35:33,34

1. Boundaries of Canaan (34:1-29)

Even before the land was conquered, God established the boundaries of each tribe's inheritance. They entered the land with a sense of victory--it was already theirs. God made provision for his servants, the Levites, and provided a way to defuse the spirit of revenge which can destroy a people. God's people must live together in peace with one another.

2. Cities of refuge (35:9-34)

Six of the towns given to the Levites were called cities of refuge. A man who killed someone accidentally could flee to one of these cities and find asylum until the time of his trial. God punishes sinners and protects the innocent. Human life is of great value to him, for we are created in his image. Bloodshed pollutes the land (33), and atonement should be made. The guilty must be punished, but a spirit of revenge destroys. God does not want the land where he lives to be defiled (34).

Prayer: Lord, teach me your mercy. Dwell with me and make me pure. Purge bloodshed and revenge from our hearts and from our land.

One Word: God dwells with his people