Passage: Luke 6:20~26  

Key verse: 6:20

First, four blessings (20-23). As Jesus surveyed the crowds, he looked at his disciples and began to teach them. He began with four blessings. Those who are poor, hungry, weep and hated, do not seem blessed at all. But poverty, hunger, tears and persecution can help us recognize our deep need for Jesus. These can drive us into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Jesus gives us the kingdom of God. He satisfies us and gives us joy. We may be despised on earth because of our faith but we will have a great reward in heaven. Second, four woes (24-36). Jesus also pronounced four woes. Those who are rich, well-fed, laugh and spoken of well, are not necessarily cursed. But these good things in the world can be very serious barriers to faith in Jesus. People who are satisfied with what the world offers do not know their own need for Christ. We ought not to envy those in good human conditions but pray for them to know their spiritual need and turn to God.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for teaching us how to be truly blessed. Help me to be poor in spirit and to live for your name and praise.

One Word: Blessed are you....