Passage: James 4:13~17  

Key verse: 15

1. I'll do it tomorrow (13-14)

Some people dream about how they will spend a vacation, or about how wonderful life will be after graduation, or after marriage, or after they get a job, or after they retire. Others plan the great things they will do for God someday. Future plans seem to give security and direction. Some people insist on clinging to their plans, no matter how the world may change. But the world is indeed uncertain. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. We should not cling to the false security of our own plans.

2. If it is the Lord's will (15-17)

Our lives are like a mist that appears for a little while, then vanishes. So we must put our trust in the eternal, unchanging God. And we must not put off doing the work God has given us to do--for tomorrow may never come.

Prayer: Lord, help me to do your work today with all my heart, and to trust you for tomorrow.

One Word: Do it today