Passage: 1Timothy 2:1~15  

Keyverse: 5,6a

1. God wants all men to be saved (1-7)

Jesus died as a ransom sacrifice for the sins of the world. He is the only mediator between God and man. Through him alone all people can be saved and come to the knowledge of truth. Through him alone can men have peace in themselves and peace with one another. In these times of increasing national and ethnic hatred and unrest, let us intercede in prayer for all people, especially for kings and those in authority. When God's peace is in men's hearts, then there can be peace on earth. God wants all people of all nations to be saved.

2. Men and women must promote peace (8-15)

When men everywhere lift holy hands in prayer instead of angry fists in rebellion, there can be peace on earth. When women dress and act to please God, not themselves or men, when they clothe themselves in good deeds, and seek by quiet and obedient lives to keep spiritual order, there can be peace.

Prayer: Lord, help me to pray and work for the preaching of the gospel to the world.

One Word: There is only one Mediator