Passage: Ephesians 4:14~16  

Keyverse: 15

1. No longer tossed back and forth (14)

An infant in Christ is moved by every convincing speaker; he sometimes becomes confused by the deceitful scheming of crafty men who are trying to destroy the work of God. So it is necessary that each believer grows up to maturity in Christ. Peter says that newborn babies crave pure spiritual milk so that by it they may grow up (1Pe 2:2). That milk is God's word. We must study the Bible and obey its teachings. This is how we can grow to maturity in Christ.

2. Speaking the truth in love (15-16)

A mature Christian is a growing Christian. He loves truth; he can discern what is true and what is false. Sometimes the truth hurts. But if we speak the truth in love, the body of Christ will be built up in faith, in love for Jesus and in love for one another. Deceitful lies do not build up--they tear down. We must grow up into Christ the Head. When we are connected to the Head, we are held together by him. Then we are mutually built up in love as each part does its work.

Prayer: Lord, help me to learn to speak the truth in love, so that I may build up your people.

One Word: Speak the truth in love