Passage: Ephesians 3:14~21  

Keyverse: 17

1. So that Christ may dwell in your hearts (14-17a)

Paul had one prayer topic for his sheep. It was that Christ might indwell them (Jn 15:5). Believers are different from non-believers because Christ dwells in the hearts of believers. He is the source of our new life. He is the fountainhead of real love. How is it that Christ dwells in us? Christ comes in when we invite him in. He dwells in our hearts by faith. He strengthens us in our inner being by the power by his Spirit.

2. Power to grasp the dimensions of love (17b-21)

If Christ dwells in us, we are rooted and established in his love. Christ's love is sacrificial. He loved us and gave himself for us on the cross. When we repent of sin and receive his mercy and forgiveness, his love comes in to fill our hearts. His love is wide enough to include all people; deep enough to forgive and heal the worst sinner; long enough to stretch from the beginning of history to the end; high enough to reach up and touch the very heart of God. How can we know love that surpasses knowledge? By knowing and loving Jesus, who loved us first.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, come and dwell in me.

One Word: By faith, Christ dwells in me