Passage: Luke 24:28~35  

Keyverse: 30,31

1. Stay with us! (28-32)

The two disciples' hearts burned as the Stranger taught them the Bible. He taught them about the Christ. They did not recognize him, but the word of God which he taught moved their hearts. When they arrived at the village, they urged their Bible teacher to come in and stay with them. As they sat around the table, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and gave it to them. Then they recognized him. They remembered other times he had broken bread with them. They felt his love. It was personal and real. As soon as they recognized him, he disappeared from their sight.

2. They found the Eleven (33-35)

They had to go back to Jerusalem. This was not the time for the disciples to return to their old, selfish lives. It was the time to meet the Risen Christ and find out what he wanted them to do.

Prayer: Lord, as I study your word, reveal yourself to me and fill me with your burning love so that I can love others.

One Word: Our hearts burned within us