Passage: Luke 24:13~27  

Keyverse: 27

1. Jesus walked with them (13-18)

The 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus knew everything about Jesus' life and death. They even knew about the empty tomb. But they did not believe, so when Jesus joined them in their sorrowful walk, they could not recognize him.

2. Jesus taught them the Scriptures (19-27)

First, Jesus listened to them. They told him about Jesus' powerful words and deeds, and how they had put their hope in him to redeem Israel. They told how the religious leaders had handed him over to be crucified, and how the women had discovered the empty tomb and heard the angel's message. Then Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief. He taught them from the Bible the things concerning himself. He began with Genesis and went through all the Prophets. But still they did not recognize him.

Prayer: Lord, when my heart is dull and slow because of my unbelief, come and show me the things concerning yourself in the Bible. Open my heart to your word.

One Word: The Bible tells about Jesus