Passage: Luke 22:54~62  

Keyverse: 61a

1. Peter followed at a distance (54-60)

Jesus prayed in the Garden and made a decision. Peter was not prepared for Jesus' arrest because he had slept instead of praying. When it happened, Peter didn't know what to do. He loved Jesus, but he loved his own life more. He had made no decision to live and die for Jesus' sake and the gospel's. He followed at a distance, then he sat down among the enemies of Jesus. When a servant girl recognized him, Peter denied even knowing Jesus. After the first denial, the next two came easily.

2. The Lord's straight look (61-62)

Jesus had told Peter that before the rooster crowed he would deny him three times (34). The rooster crowed, and the Lord looked straight at Peter. It was a look of love that reminded Peter of Jesus' words. It was a look that broke Peter's heart.

Prayer: Lord, help me to accept and remember your word each day; help me to pray until a decision to do your will is in my heart. When I fail, help me to repent.

One Word: Follow Jesus with a decision