Passage: Luke 22:31~38  

Keyverse: 32

1. Satan asked to sift you as wheat (31-34)

Satan is always looking for the weak point of a person God wants to use. He tried to destroy Simon Peter's faith. Simon thought that his love for Jesus was strong enough, but Jesus knew that he would fail, for human love is never strong enough. Jesus prayed for him, that his faith might not fail. When Simon repented, he could be a shepherd of others. We must never despair when we fail; this is the time to come to God in faith, receive his forgiveness and do God's work.

2. Did you lack anything? (35-38)

Jesus trained his disciples to depend on God, not on material things or on the sword. Now, the time of training was over. They could take the purse and the sword, but they were not to depend on them. Jesus' death would complete his part in God's plan for world redemption. Jesus' disciples must do battle with Satan and bring the gospel to the world. This is still the task of disciples. Jesus prays for us.

Prayer: Lord, help me to depend on you. Help me to repent and not despair.

One Word: Repent, then encourage others