Passage: Luke 17:26~37  

Key verse: 26

1. The days of Noah and the days of Lot (26-29)

There are 2 catastrophic events in Genesis which are portents of the final judgment: the flood (Ge 6-7), and the destruction of Sodom by burning sulfur from the Lord. In each case, the judgment of God came suddenly, without warning. The people were engaged in the ordinary pursuits of life. They did not make room for God, but lived on a physical and material level. God was grieved because no one thanked him and no one prayed. Lot was spared by God's grace--because of Abraham's prayer--but his wife looked back. She couldn't let go of the material things of Sodom.

2. On the day of the Son of Man (30-37)

When Jesus comes again to judge the earth, he will come suddenly. Though two people are in the same place, doing the same thing, their inner lives can be very different. Jesus sees our hearts. One will be saved, and the other lost. God can't save those who reject his grace and live like animals.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to walk with you daily as I go about the ordinary pursuits of my life.

One Word: Make room for God in your heart