Passage: Luke 17:1~6  

Key verse: 5

1. Watch yourselves (1-4)

Some people say that what they think and do is their own business; if their words or actions tempt someone to sin, that's the other person's problem. But Jesus teaches us that we are responsible for our influence on others --'So watch yourselves.' Furthermore, a Christian cannot be indifferent to the spiritual needs of others. He must care enough to rebuke his brother when he sins. And he must love his brother enough to forgive him--without limit.

2. Increase our faith (5-6)

The apostles were realists. They knew that what Jesus was commanding them to do was next to impossible. How can we care enough about others to curtail our own freedom? How can we love a brother enough to risk a good human relationship by rebuking him? The apostles knew that it was a matter of faith. Jesus told them that they didn't need much faith--only a little!

Prayer: Lord, give me faith to forgive, and help me to be a good influence on others.

One Word: Lord, increase my faith!