Passage: Luke 9:37~45  

Key verse: 42b,43a

1. O unbelieving generation! (37-43a)

A large crowd was waiting for Jesus. A desperate father, whose only son was demon-possessed, called out to him for help. The demon had made the boy's life unbearable, and the father's heart was full of anguish, fear and despair. He had begged the 9 disciples to drive out the demon, but they could not. What did Jesus say? Read verse 41. Demons get the upper hand in men's lives because of unbelief. Jesus saw the powerless disciples and the crying father as representatives of an unbelieving and crooked generation. He said, 'Bring your son here.' And he healed him.

2. Listen carefully (43b-45)

The unbelieving and perverse generation would betray and kill the one who came from God to serve and save them. Jesus' disciples should hold Jesus' words in their hearts, but they were afraid.

Prayer: Lord, help me to hold your gospel in my heart so that I may not be melted into the unbelieving generation.

One Word: O unbelieving generation