Passage: Luke 9:23~27  

Key verse: 23

1. If anyone would come after me (23)

If one wants to follow Jesus he must first deny himself. This means that I must take myself from the center of my life and put Jesus there. I must regard Jesus' commands as a little better than my own plans and ideas. Second, one must take up his cross daily. This means that I must accept positively the life and the mission God has given me--and do it afresh every day. If I do not take up the cross that Jesus gives me, then I must carry the burden of my own sins and sorrows.

2. Lose life to save it (24-27)

Those who try to save their lives by protecting themselves and by seeking their own pleasure and happiness will be losers in life. But those who invest their lives, without holding back, for Jesus' sake and the gospel's, will gain real happiness. We must not be ashamed of Jesus, for he will surely come in glory to establish his kingdom and reign forever.

Prayer: Lord, help me not to be selfish. Help us to teach our children to be sacrificial, not selfish.

One Word: Selfish people are losers