Passage: Luke 9:10~17  

Key verse: 13a

1. He welcomed them (10-11)

When the apostles returned from preaching the gospel throughout Galilee, they hoped to have some time alone with Jesus. But they had spread the good news about Jesus so well that crowds of people came looking for the good Shepherd. Jesus did not run away and hide from the crowd. He welcomed them and taught them about the kingdom of God. He showed them God's love by healing them.

2. You give them something to eat (12-17)

His disciples decided that they had done enough for the crowd. Sending them away to find food and lodging seemed like a reasonable suggestion. But Jesus said, 'You give them something to eat.' Jesus wanted to teach them some important lessons in faith. They brought what they had--5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus blessed what they brought, and with it, fed the crowd. There were leftovers--a basketful for each disciple!

Prayer: Lord, you have given us another impossible command: 'Make disciples of all nations.' We can't do it, but we offer you our five loaves and two fish.

One Word: 'You give them something to eat'