Passage: Luke 9:1~9  

Key verse: 2

1. Jesus sends out the Twelve (1-6)

Jesus sent out his disciples to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. He gave them spiritual equipment. He told them to travel light, and not to depend on material things. On this training mission, they were not to compromise at all. So, if people did not welcome them, they were to leave. People who reject the good news of God's kingdom are left as slaves of lust or money. The Twelve went with a message of repentance and the good news of forgiveness. This is the only way of freedom. Jesus' people are lights in dark times.

2. Herod heard about it (7-9)

The spirit of Herod dominated those times. Herod was an adulterer and a murderer. He had killed John the Baptist for speaking the truth. People who longed for righteousness and truth suffered very much. It was dangerous for Jesus and his disciples to speak the truth. The spirit of Herod is still abroad. God's people must still follow righteousness and speak the truth.

Prayer: Lord, even in these materialistic and adulterous times there are people who want to live pure lives, who long for truth. Help us find your sheep.

One Word: Preach the kingdom of God