Passage: Luke 6:27~36  

Key verse: 35

1. Love your enemies (27-31)

God wants his image restored in us. Jesus died for us while we were still his enemies. He died so that sin in us might be defeated, and our sinful natures changed. Jesus blessed those who cursed him and prayed for those who mistreated him. He said nothing to those who gambled for his clothes; he gave to all who asked of him. The standard he sets in these verses is the standard of his own life and character.

2. Even sinners love those who love them (32-36)

Christians must be different. It is reasonable to love those who love us--though even this is hard! But Jesus calls us to love those who hate us. It is normal to give presents to those who give to us, but to give, expecting nothing in return seems foolish. Jesus loved us when we were his enemies. In a world full of hatred and indifference Jesus asks his disciples to love.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be different from the world. Help me to follow Jesus, not my own sinful nature. Let Jesus' image be formed in me.

One Word: Grow in Jesus' image