Passage: Luke 6:17~26  

Key verse: 20

1. Jesus' power to heal (17-19)

The crowds came to hear Jesus' word, and to be healed and set free from the power of Satan. Jesus had compassion on the shepherdless crowds. He served them with all his heart. But he knew that they needed shepherds, so he turned his attention to the 12 and began to teach them.

2. Blessings and woes (20-26)

Jesus' disciples must have a different value system from that of worldly people. Most people feel blessed when they are rich, comforted and well-fed. They think they are blessed when they can laugh a lot and be praised by people. But Jesus says that these things don't make people happy. Jesus' disciples seem to be poor, but they have everything--because they have the kingdom of God. God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He is the source of blessing. We can expect criticism and persecution from worldly people. But we have a great joy that no one can take away.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live with your value system as a citizen of your kingdom.

One Word: The blessed life is full of joy