Passage: 1_Corinthians 11:17~34  

Keyverse: 25,26

1. A rebuke from Paul (17-22)

The Corinthian Church had a practice of coming together and celebrating the Lord's supper as sort of a 'pot luck' meal. Some people had a lot to bring, some had nothing, and could not bring enough even for themselves. So, some would eat heartily and get drunk, while others had nothing to eat. It became more of a party than a celebration of the Lord's supper. Paul had no praise for this practice. The Lord's Supper should honor God. Instead, it showed they despised the Lord.

2. Do this in remembrance of me (23-34)

Paul reminded them of the real object of the Lord's Supper. Jesus Christ gave his body and his blood for the salvation of the whole world. The Lord's Supper is practiced as a remembrance of this. It is a holy and sacred thing. The Corinthians should treat it as such. We should also treat it as such!

Prayer: Father, Thank you for Jesus' broken body and spilled blood for our sins. Help me to remember him in all things.

One Word: Do this in remembrance of me.