Passage: Matthew 21:23~32  

Keyverse: 21

Jesus cleared the temple, healed the sick, and taught in the temple. Not finding any fault in Jesus’ teaching and work, the Jewish leaders confronted him on the matter of authority. To their eyes, Jesus had no license to do what he was doing at the temple. But Jesus’ authority came from God as John’s authority came from God. He worked and taught with authority from God who approved his ministry. God gave Jesus all authority in heaven and on earth (Mt 28:18). Everyone in heaven and on earth needs to submit to him and believe in him. But as Adam ignored God’s authority and fell into sin, we, of the same blood, have a rebellious nature like the Jewish leaders. We need to deny our pride and to bring our thoughts and actions into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2Cor 10:5).

To help the religious leaders, Jesus told a story about a man’s two sons. Both sons had a rebellious nature. In the end, the first son did what his father wanted although initially he rejected his father’s request. The other one said yes at first but didn’t do what his father wanted. God knows that his request is not easy. He also knows the rebellious nature embedded within us. But he wants us to repent and turn our hearts back to him and his will. Many are like the second son and the religious leaders, who say yes to God but disobey him in the end.

Prayer: Lord, help me to submit to your authority.

One Word: I will turn and obey Jesus