Passage: Isaiah 35:1~10  

Key verse: 10

Isaiah 35 complements the previous chapter. God’s wrath awaits those who reject the LORD. But glory and everlasting joy await those who are faithful to God. One day, God will bring the fullness of his kingdom. This world can feel like a desert because of sin and death. But God’s kingdom will bring his life and beauty to this wilderness. As God’s children, we sometimes feel that our hands are feeble and our knees shaky. Fear may overwhelm us, even as struggle to we live by faith in this broken, sinful world. God can sometimes feel far away in our darkest moments. Do not be discouraged! The LORD tells us to be strong in him (3,4). He is not far away. He will come again with divine retribution to save us.

In God’s kingdom, healing and restoration will come to the blind, the deaf, the lame, and the mute. God’s presence and rule will be like streams in the desert. God’s kingdom is described like a highway of holiness. Only the clean and redeemed, those rescued by the LORD, will walk on it. All the suffering and heartache God’s people experienced in this life will be replaced with singing and gladness. Everlasting joy will crown the heads of God’s people. This is promised to all who have put their faith and hope in Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Father, may your kingdom come. Thank you for promising everlasting joy. Strengthen us to be faithful to you until that glorious day.

One Word: God promises everlasting joy