Passage: 1_Corinthians 11:2~16  

Keyverse: 3

1. Holding to the traditions (2,3)

Paul gives a brief word of encouragement to the Corinthian church in that they had remembered him and for holding to the traditions he had taught them. Then Paul goes on to the business of correcting the Christians there. First, he wanted them to remember proper spiritual order. God is the head of all things. Everything and everyone submits to him. Christ is the head of the church and every man and woman submits to Christ. Man is the spiritual head of the family, and the wife submits to his authority.

2. On head coverings in the church (4-16)

In those times and in that culture, men had short hair and kept it uncovered in the church. Women wore their hair long and kept it covered. This was done out of reverence to God and for spiritual order. For either to do otherwise was considered shameful. When God's people come before him, we must do so remembering spiritual order. We should honor God in our worship, remembering that all things come from him.

Prayer: Thank you that Christ is our head. Help us to submit to proper spiritual order, especially in our worship.

One Word: The head of all is Christ.