Passage: Psalm 90:1~17  

Key verse: 12

Reality is something we often prefer to avoid, especially if it concerns our mortality. In this psalm, Moses helps us to face the reality of life’s brevity. God exists from everlasting to everlasting and is a refuge for each generation. In contrast, our lives are short and full of struggles. Even in our modern age, we are amazed when someone lives to be a hundred years old. What seems like a long life to us is but a flash to God. Unfortunately, we all must face the reality of death. Because of our sin, God has commanded that all mortals must return to dust. We feel the weight of God’s wrath against sin each and every day and it is why our lives seem so futile. Our one and true hope is in God.

Moses prays for God to teach us to number our days. We need his help to do this because it is not something we naturally do on our own. Each day is a precious and wonderful gift from God that should be used wisely for the works he has called us to do. Moses also prays that we may be satisfied each morning with God’s unfailing love. God is the source of all our gladness and joy. Finally, Moses prays for God to establish the work of our hands so that our lives will be a blessing to future generations. Although we rejoice in the eternal life we have in Christ, we must make the most of our time in this world and live for the glory of God.

Prayer: Father, help us to live well.

One Word: Teach us to number our days