Passage: Matthew 8:23~34  

Keyverse: 26b

1. Calming the storm outside (23-27)

When a sudden unexpected storm threatened the disciples in their boat, they could not help but cry out to Jesus to save them. Storms of life come up suddenly, seeming to threaten everything we built up in life. While we cannot control what happens, we can cry out to God for help. Jesus hears us. If we are listening carefully enough, we may hear Jesus' voice: 'Why are you so afraid?' Jesus' words give us faith in his power and love to overcome any storm.

2. Calming the storm inside (28-34)

On the other side of the lake, Jesus was met by two demon possessed men. We do not know how these demons happened to come inside them, but they found themselves rejecting society and living among the tombs. Jesus did not avoid these two seemingly hopeless men. Only Jesus had the compassion and power to break the hold that these demons had on them and restore their humanity. Their freed lives were worth more than the herd of pigs, but the people of the town could not see it like Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, you can calm the storms in me by your love and power.

One Word: Calming the storm by faith