Passage: Job 17:1~16  

Key verse: 15

Job’s suffering and sorrow have him meditating on the impending grave. His friends are unable to encourage him, but rather are appalled at him and his sufferings. Job understands. He sees how easy it is to simply be appalled at others’ sufferings, being aroused against the ungodly and the sinner, holding righteous ways and growing stronger. Rather than listening, understanding, and counseling, it is always easier to assign blame, determine guilt, or enact punishment. Job understands yet hopes someone would try again; someone would see the desires of his heart and attempt to find a way forward for him.

Social statistics clearly reveal the alarming trend of increased suicides, particularly among young people - like our classmates, our friends, our siblings, or our children. Like Job, many look into the future and see only death, their only hope is for the grave. Like Job, they are crying out and asking: “…where then is my hope – who can see any hope for me?” When we were lost in hopeless darkness, someone had hope for us, and shared the living hope of Jesus. This hope blossomed, in the face of many uncertainties and hardships. Will we be the one to try again, to try and reveal the hope for those longing for hope? Hope has a name: Jesus.

Prayer: Father, thank you for the living hope shared with me. In the face of others’ misfortunes, help me try again and share living hope that set me free.

One Word: Jesus is the hope of the hopeless