Oceania Summer Bible Conference

by WMD   12-10-2014   0 reads

The 2014 Oceania Summer Bible Conference was held in Marysville, Australia

The Oceania Summer Bible Conference took place from December 5-7 in Marysville, Australia, about 2 hours outside of Melbourne. God sent 76 members including M. Nehemiah Lim of New Zealand and Pastor Abraham Kim and four international delegates.  

Among the 76 attendees almost 2/3 were from the young generation and they took initiative beginning with five messages, presiding, leading sing-along, performing chorus, skit, sharing testimonies among second gens and national leaders.

All messages were full of Jesus’ forgiving grace with a conclusion to suffer for his glory.

Lecture 1, “Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near, “by Jimmy Kim, Sydney, stressed the importance of urgent repentance. Lecture 2 was entitled, “Go Now and Leave Your Life of Sin” by Owen Woo (Honk Kong) and Chirayu Thapa (Nepal). Lecture 3 was entitled, “The Parable of the Lost Son” by Andrew Yoo (Sydney first house church with Anna). Lecture 4 was entitled, “I Have Not Come to Call the Righteous, but Sinners.” (Lk 5:27-32) by Caitlyn Perry and Esther Sim Jr. Lecture 5 was “Feed my sheep” by Chris Beoumont (John 21). The closing message, “The Gospel God’s Glory in the Face of Christ” (2 Cor 4) was given by Pastor Abraham Kim. We all learned that though we have to die every day for the gospel ministry, we do not despair, for we serve Jesus Christ our Lord. And his glory surpasses all our sufferings and pain.

Sh. Tim McEathron (Chicago) served 16 CBF members with many interesting and useful programs. (A separate CBF report will follow.)

Five second gens were baptized by S. Stephen Ahn from Korea: Sarah Yang (16), Daniel Yang (14), Debbie Sim (17), Anna Sim (18), Fei Mo  (Sarah’s friend)(16).

Melbourne coworkers worked hard to host this conference through beautiful co-working and finally Pastor Abraham Kim gave the prayer topics as below:

  1. Thank God for blessing 2014 Oceania SBC.
  2. Pray for the messengers: Jimmy Kim, Chiraya Thaba, Owen Wo, Andrew Yoo, Caithyln Perry, Esther Sim Jr, Chris Beaumont, Testimony speakers: Ucha Ngwaba, Fei Mo, John Lee, and 5 Baptized: Anna Sim, Debbie Sim, Sarah Yang Fei MO, Daniel Yang.
  3. Michael and Carol Ho at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) for their Bisbane pioneering Ministry,
  4. M. Nehemiah and Hannah Lim and their children, Johanna and Joy in New Zealand.
  5. Render glory to God and enjoy Jesus, the Lord.
  6. Reach out to 50 campuses in Oceania and raise one Abraham and Sarah in all and each chapter in Oceania and for Oceania to be a missionary sending continent by 2020.