Dr. John Jun’s CME at Macquarie UBF, Australia

by WMD   10-22-2014   0 reads

From Oct. 13 to 20, we had a very graceful CME in Macquarie UBF. There are five missionary families: M. Mark & Ruth Lee, M. Moses & Esther Kang, M. John Jr. & Faith Jun, M. Andrew & Maria Kim and M. Daniel & Mary Lee. This is the biggest chapter in Australia UBF and there are three leaders: Owen from a university in China, Chirayu Thapa from Nepal, and Uche from Nigeria. Owen and Chirayu are messengers in Oceania Summer Bible Conference, who are studying 1 to 1 with several sheep.

M. Mark Lee is a very gentle and humble servant of God and both he and his co-worker M. Ruth Lee are working at a hospital as nurses. Out of M. Mark Lee’s gentle leadership, they are preparing for the Summer Bible conference, for messengers, songs of praise, programing etc., and gathering at Macquarie UBF chapter together with the Sydney Univ. UBF. 

We had three Ephesians Bible studies, one Galatians Bible study and children’s education according to biblical principles. All missionaries and young leaders from foreign countries participated in the group Bible study, which was full of God’s grace. We also had a very graceful testimony sharing time full of repentant heart. M. Moses Kang repented his non-sacrificial missionary life. M. Andrew Kim was so thankful to God who blessed his business that his company has grown and 11 people are working in his company. However, he repented hating coworkers. M. Mark Lee shared a repentant testimony as well and made a decision to make disciples of Jesus Christ. M. Sarah Sunji Jun led a women’s missionary testimony sharing.

Dr. John Jun