Costarica New Year Conf. Report

by WMD   02-05-2011   0 reads

Costarica UBF had the first new year disciples’conference on 15th-16th of Jan with the title of  “The righteous live by faith.”

Ernesto, Angelica, Emma, 4 missionaries and 5 2nd gens attended. The first lecture was given by Abraham Park based on Romans 1:1-6 with the title, “Grace and Apostleship”. And all attendants shared their key verse testimony and built thanksgiving altar before God.

M. Pablo Park delivered a second message based on Romans 1:16-17 with the title, “The righteous live by faith”. Based on the word of God, Ernesto, Angelica and Emma shared testimonies with the decision of faith to live by faith. Finally we had a disciple vowing ceremony of Angelica and Emma who had received disciple training course for 5 months well. Last year Ernesto was anointed as the first disciple through this training program. Now they all undergo the Bible teacher training course for 6 months with sincere desire. We pray God may help them to receive training well and grow as one to one Bible teachers. We pray God may help them to be righteous before God by living by faith.


Prayer Topic of Costarica

1. We may all live by faith before God.
2. Ernesto, Angelica and Emma may receive training well to become 1:1 Bible teacher.
3. We may raise 12 disciple candidates through persistent fishing, 20 team 1:1 Bible study.
4. May God give deep and powerful Romans message and give him the spirit of raising      disciples of Jesus.